August 8th, 2021

Boulevard Hazy Unfiltered Wheat Beer; this is on the bottom of the box…put it on top so we can see it!

It’s hot and humid today and it was yesterday as well…as in very humid, but not quite as hot as it was a few weeks ago. I just walked barefoot in the grass and it’s so humid that even the grass is sticky. WITAF. We had a nice break with some better weather with cool evenings this last week. Tomorrow is slated to be a repeat of today unfortunately. The fridge has been restocked with more Boulevard Hazy Wheat beer! Speaking of booze…

After an epic hangover a few days ago I decided yet again that alcohol was evil and I was never drinking again. Well, we know how many times we all go back on THAT promise to ourselves. It was so hot last night I decided that a glass of wine on the porch would quench the thirst very nicely. It did and I stopped at one since I woke up in pain at 3:30 yesterday morning and barely stayed awake through one glass.

The night before last, while the dogs were out, I got knocked down to the ground pretty hard after one of those bastards hit me full speed like a freight train right in the calf. Flag on the play. Unsportsmanlike conduct – 15 yards and some expletives. My knee, hip and ankle were all painful and still sore but it’s getting better and I can walk okay. Guess I’m not too old after all.

I was told a week or two ago that Springfield, MO was the birthplace of the Chinese dish called cashew chicken. Of course being a food nerd I had to give it a try even though I normally don’t order it. We traced down the place where the original recipe ended up (if you want details look it up) and had that for dinner last night.

The restaurant is called Leong’s Asian Diner. They have a pretty good-looking menu but I was there for one thing. I ordered the “David’s Special“ which came with some delicious Cantonese fried rice, a bowl of one of the best hot and sour soups I have had, and crab Rangoon.

The chicken was not crunchy like you usually find in Chinese food but was instead coated in a soft breading similar to Chick-Fil-a, which I really do not like the texture of. The sauce was more of a gravy but it worked very well with the chicken and the soft texture. It is very Midwestern to me and would be just as at home with mashed potatoes. I’m glad I tried it, and it is absolutely the best cashew chicken I have eaten, but I prefer more Asian flavors and the heat of Szechuan-style Chinese food.

I found a few other interesting places to eat at and I hope to try them out before I leave – whenever that is. One is a Korean restaurant with kimchi fried rice, bibimbap and beef bulgogi. There’s an Italian restaurant that looks really good. Another serves Latin American food so they have stuff from 10 different Latin American countries. Interestingly they do not have pupusas but they do have many other things I want to try.

A few days ago I got to drive a brand new Challenger SRT 392. Holy 💩. Awesome sound and incredible power that sticks you firmly into the seat so far that you end up sitting behind yourself.

And, in other news, there are two big black marks someone left on the road in front of the house.

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