August 8th, 2021

Boulevard Hazy Unfiltered Wheat Beer; this is on the bottom of the box…put it on top so we can see it! It’s hot and humid today and it was yesterday as well…as in very humid, but not quite as hot as it was a few weeks ago. I just walked barefoot in the grass and … Continue reading August 8th, 2021

July 28th, 2021

“If you walk around expecting shit to happen, then it will." - Dusty Hill “Life takes you on weird trips and you just have to hold on, ride the wave and be as strong as you fucking can.” - Joey Jordison I saw these two quotes and really thought they were worth posting. It’s how … Continue reading July 28th, 2021


Yes, I am admittedly a beer snob. A well-poured, sexy pint glass of Guinness is my beverage of choice. I have also been know to drink a Fat Tire at times. I usually prefer micro-brews to most commercial beers and appreciate the craftsmanship put into micro-brews and home-brews. I just saw an article that there … Continue reading Beer

Strangebrewfest, the Laundromat, and Open Mic

Last night I went over to Port Townsend to attend the Strangebrewfest. It was a weekend-long street party with a beer competition. Port Townsend is a cool place with a kind of hippie/artist vibe - it was one place I went to a few months back in another post. There were guys walking around in … Continue reading Strangebrewfest, the Laundromat, and Open Mic