August 10th, 2021

I woke up this morning and there was pee on the carpet

I am pondering taking another day trip to see some more of the things along Route 66. Researching it more I am finding out that some sections of it has been rerouted more than once in some of the cities along the way and Springfield is no exception. It makes sense since the cities changed & grew and the route probably had to change for numerous reasons.

I didn’t know this and figured you could just get on the parts that are still navigable and see the history along the way without any detours. I guess I’ll have to go into a different part of the city and take the other part to see what I may have missed seeing. I don’t need to see all of it but want to see what I can.

There’s a few other things I want to see in the area as well but tomorrow’s weather is still going to be way too hot to be outside for very long. If I don’t get to see some things on this trip I’ll be back and can catch them the next time. There are a few places I visited many years ago I’d like to see again, and I had no idea that one has actually been turned into a National Park site (now I need a stamp from that place to put in my National Park Passport so I gotta go back!).

I discovered this after I downloaded the National Park Service app. If you are wanting to get ideas about visiting NPS sites this app is very good with a ton of good information and you can even download it for offline use. Another cool thing on the app is you can make a list of all the NPS sites you have visited. Of the ones I can remember visiting my list so far is around 75 of them! I will have to look in my National Park Passport book to see if I missed any.

As far as seeing seeing things, there is quite a lot to see in Missouri – no doubt about it. Living in the Midwest until 25 years ago I had done lots of exploration in Missouri. There’s history of all sorts and beautiful State Parks which, incredibly, have no entrance fees! If you are wanting to spend 2-3 weeks exploring someplace at a leisurely pace you can easily stay entertained all around the state. Be aware they there are insects, scorpions, poisonous snakes, ticks, etc. to deal with but just do your research beforehand and be smart.

That’s about it for now.

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