August 8th, 2021

Boulevard Hazy Unfiltered Wheat Beer; this is on the bottom of the box…put it on top so we can see it! It’s hot and humid today and it was yesterday as well…as in very humid, but not quite as hot as it was a few weeks ago. I just walked barefoot in the grass and … Continue reading August 8th, 2021

March 8th, 2018

Saturday morning I am loading up the truck and the canoe and taking it to the new place. This week I have been packing boxes and figuring out the first things getting moved. Today the last few to-dos were to-doed and things really fell into place after that. This morning I got in touch with … Continue reading March 8th, 2018

An Interesting Evening I went down to the Chinese restaurant for a late supper. It was a bit surreal experience tonight. It was like one of those black & white movies from to 40s or 50s - dark sidewalk in a small town, with a little diner with flashing lights in the window that is open into … Continue reading An Interesting Evening