August 6th, 2021

Behold the awesomeness of…

Today it was another road trip, but this time we went further north. First stop was the Wild Animal Safari in Strafford, MO. It was a pretty good drive-through animal park and worth a stop. We saw and fed all kinds of animals then went through the walking section.

After that, it was on northward to a unique and quirky destination that I had to see on Route 66 and you would too. A place with most every pun about the name you can imagine posted around the store.

A dream destination for the inner 12-year-old!

Yep, it’s the Uranus Fudge Factory. One of those touristy places done in the spirit of travel days gone by.

Welcome from the Mayor of Uranus! This is located near the rear entrance (you KNEW I was going to not let that one pass!)

Of course we bought some fudge and I just had to get a T-shirt. You woulda done the same thing. We had a look around and it was a fun place to stop.

It really reminded me of places that we would stop at when I was a kid. I remember stopping in shops in the Ozarks and they would sell these felt “hillbilly hats” that looked like they would fit The Coneheads. They had a feather and a corncob pipe in them, which I later discovered were an adequate substitute for smoking pot. I also remember seeing rubber tomahawks and fake “Indian headdresses” amongst all the other ridiculous cheap garbage at every stop. It’s all still a part of why I love to travel.

We did not do the entire trip on Route 66 since we were trying to save a little time. Also, in many places 66 is basically a frontage road for I-44 along most of this stretch of The Mother Road. We did take it for several miles and did get to see some cool old buildings and other things along the way. I stopped to get a couple of photos but I will have to come back when I have more time and stop for more pictures.

It was another fun and interesting day!

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