Wow!; Food; Ugh

This thing is awesome I have been looking at one of these for a while now, and I finally decided to go for it. It’s not even waist high and looks like a kids toy. “But, Shawn…what is it?” one may ask. “Why,” my reply would be…”it’s not a kid toy even though it looks … Continue reading Wow!; Food; Ugh

Ugh…It’s Been a Long Day So Far, Errands, Mmmm, Zzzzz

As anticipated, it was a sleepless night last night. I was so rudely awakened by a weather alarm at 2:50 this morning. I got it turned off after making sure it wasn’t my turn in the barrel, then 10 minutes later it happened again. I could not go back to sleep so I dragged my … Continue reading Ugh…It’s Been a Long Day So Far, Errands, Mmmm, Zzzzz

Cooking, Trailer

I’m really getting back into cooking. Monday I made a black bean chimichanga. Yesterday I went bonkers and did two small portions of air-fried chicken katsu and grilled two other small portions on the grill with different seasonings on each. One katsu piece I made into a sandwich. Chicken caprese on a ciabatta with tomato … Continue reading Cooking, Trailer