Oh Man, Cooking

Lamb kofta on the coals Hibachi? Check. Lump charcoal? Check. Lighter? Check. Skewers and lamb mixture? Check and check. Appetite? CHECK! Today’s lunch turned out quite good for my first attempt at something like this. Lots of spices I have never used before went into this recipe but they certainly will be used again! I … Continue reading Oh Man, Cooking

A Little Clarification, Baaaa Humbug & More Food

With regards to my “splurge days”, it’s not like I’m on a cholesterol crawl all day. I may have a single donut or, like yesterday, one meal. I usually don’t eat a third meal on a splurge day to try and help cut down on sodium, fats & guilt. On these days it’s a special … Continue reading A Little Clarification, Baaaa Humbug & More Food

Rain, Travel Shows, Kitchen & Cooking

Today the weather started out out being grey, fairly warm and humid, but then it became a lazy, rainy day. Along with the rain the cold front started to work it’s magic and the temps dropped. Early on there was talk of a chance of snow (boo) this evening but it wouldn’t amount to much. … Continue reading Rain, Travel Shows, Kitchen & Cooking

Firewood, Looked Like a TV Show, Cooking, Movie

It was a nice sunny day today - 62° F - but breezy. Ig was still warm enough to be outside without long sleeves in the afternoon. Seemed like a good idea to go out and split some firewood since it will be cooling down the next few days after tomorrow’s rain. I grabbed a … Continue reading Firewood, Looked Like a TV Show, Cooking, Movie

Wait…It’s Not Sunday, Cooking

Was awake for a few hours and I found out today is Saturday and not Sunday. That was certainly a surprise since I only had two glasses of wine last night. I made up a slow cooker of vegan chili a few days ago and it turned out pretty good. I ended up with about … Continue reading Wait…It’s Not Sunday, Cooking