Yard is Mowed; Trailer; Carrot Weather; Traffic; Food

Yesterday I got out early to mow the grass and I’m glad I did. As it warmed up & dried out the waist-deep grasses in the *ahem* “wildlife habitat” started tossing pollen everywhere when they got bumped. By the time I got done my eyes were feeling the allergies. Ended up with some sneezing to go along with it.

I hit a big section in front after trimming next to the house and downspouts, doing about half with the trimmer. It actually goes pretty fast doing that but I mainly was doing it because the grass was still wet and didn’t want to be hard on the mower, while still getting something done.

Before I finished the front yard I did the side yard first then I cut a little path through the tall grass so I have a place to walk that’s like a trail. I have seen trails like this in a field next to a KOA campground or two. The tall grass and weeds are a natural barrier and I tried to make it as interesting as possible. I have it going from tree to tree to bush all around the front yard. It’s cut very short and is 2-3 mowers wide. I walked around it earlier and the dogs really enjoyed it.

I have had that mower a year now and I have definitely gotten my $25 worth out of it. It’s still running fine and cuts good. I’m pushing it until it drops! It’s good exercise too.


I’m hoping to get in the trailer in the morning and finally get the water system fixed. I’ve been too busy the last few days but now I have time to do it and get it done. I just hope it’s nothing major that needs


I’m through with the Apple Weather app. I like my Apple products and would never own anything else, but the revamped Weather app sucks. The thing doesn’t work right or have the right info half the time. I need reliable weather information so I downloaded Carrot Weather again and sprung for the Ultra upgrade. You get what you pay for and this is a highly-rated app that has so many options to choose what you want to see. You can even change sources to get the weather forecast you want most anywhere in the world.

I want a good app for weather and am willing to pay $30 a year for it. Many apps are looking at your personal info and I’m not playing that game. I value my privacy quite a lot and do as much as I can to guard it. I check all apps for what they are snooping around for and don’t download if they are too intrusive (yeah, YOU…TWC); I simply use the website on a non-tracking browser instead.


Sitting out on the porch with a cool breeze blowing, I’m seeing quite a few RVs, campers & boats starting to head westbound for the lakes. Probably going to be busy at all the campgrounds and lakes with nice weather for the weekend. I’ve seen many on two wheels as well, bugs in their teeth & wind in their hair. Been nice riding weather. Makes me miss riding, but then I think back on my wreck. Can’t do it.


I had to make a store run today (avoiding going tomorrow if possible) for a few things. Many people picking up boating & fishing gear, hot dogs & burgers with matching buns, chips and other picnic goods. I’m sure stores and highways will be crowded tomorrow. I won’t know because I usually stay home on holiday weekends, and especially during peak travel times.

Tonight I decided to toss a lasagna together. It’s vegetarian with mushrooms, peppers & onions and some red pepper flakes in a four cheese sauce plus the layers of ricotta & mozzarella. It’s going to lounge in the fridge overnight and into the oven it will go in the next day or two.

I did grab a couple Beyond Burgers to grill out this weekend along with some salmon burgers. I was eyeing the bratwursts but can’t bring myself to do it. I haven’t had one in probably over a year and a half so I could perhaps splurge on one but I’ll wait.

That’s all for this post. See you next time.


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