C-c-c-cold Weather, Cooking, My Arm is Sore…Again, Pipes

My plants are dead. The freezing weather - in the low 20s F - was just too much for their little systems to bear. Let’s hope it took care of the chiggers, too, do SOME good comes of it. But, it’s back to mid-80s on Friday. I got a bunch of peppers picked so I … Continue reading C-c-c-cold Weather, Cooking, My Arm is Sore…Again, Pipes

September 16th, 2022

September 10, 2012 was my very first post in this blog. There have been many awesome adventures and a lot of personal things posted here throughout the last ten years. I have shared many highs and lows, joy and some personal pain…you get the idea. Ten years ago today, September 16th, 2012, here’s where I … Continue reading September 16th, 2022

August 19th, 2022

Made up some omelette breakfast burritos this morning with fried mushrooms, onions & peppers, Gouda, and bacon. Before you hammer on me about my diet, I cooked up six eggs, split three slices of cheese, and chopped two small strips of bacon. I divided all that up between six burritos and topped each with peri-peri … Continue reading August 19th, 2022