A Busy Day Today: Whew!; Trailer Stuff; Shopping Yesterday; Got Dinner Plans?; Natural Wasp Spray.

I got out as early as I could this morning and mowed part of the grass before it got too hot. It was still wet with dew in spots so that made it a bit tougher but I ended up getting about 3/4 of the yard that I use mowed. I wish I coulda gotten all of it but it got too hot to keep mowing. I’ll probably try to finish it up early tomorrow, There’s a chance of rain the next two afternoons so I need to get it cut. Did make good progress today though!

After that I got the propane weed burner out (no, not THAT weed burner…it’s not propane 😬) and roasted the weeds growing up through the sidewalk and in the area in front of the porch, which is now about ¾ scorched earth. No mowing necessary!

The pollen level was med-high today but I did okay except for a few sneezes and a little asthma cough. I was hoping it would not be too bad after that last fight with the pollen. If I can get out tomorrow morning and finish it while it’s cool and humid it’ll keep the allergens at a minimum.


While I was out yesterday to get my hearings aids back from repair (which they were actually replaced!) I was thinking about finding some lunch somewhere, but I ended up waiting to eat until I got home. I only found one place that was interesting but I thought it was a bit spendy and not my kind of place to hang.

I came across a discount outlet place called Ollie’s. I guess it’s a chain of outlets that buys overstocked merchandise and sells it cheap. It’s a big, clean store with a ton of stuff and there are some good bargains. I grabbed some fruit snacks and scored a half-gallon of car wash soap for $1.99. The soap I picked up because the trailer was in dire need of a bath and it’s easier to do it at home.

Since I finally got some car wash soap, today I gave the trailer a good scrubbing after I stopped doing the yard work. Grime from the road and dirt from sitting all winter really gets RVs dirty if not covered up (I’ll get a cover soon). On top of looking nicer it doesn’t draw attention because it doesn’t look like an old beater. Plus it helps with gas mileage a tiny bit when it’s clean & smooth. It looks so much better now…well, except for the hail damage. At least it doesn’t look like it should be left in a forest somewhere., which happened quite often in Washington.

I gotta get the water valve fixed soon. It’s holding me up now. I cannot do the water system until that’s fixed and that’s stopping any trips. I’m going to try to look at it again tomorrow after I get the grass done. I’ll get the air compressor put back together and use it instead of the bike pump to blow out the system.


Dinner tonight was a variation on a theme. I took my Chicken Caprese Ciabatta and made it as a wrap with Italian-seasoned chicken, tomatoes, mozzarella, and real balsamic vinegar. Thin-sliced air-fry potatoes tossed in olive oil and South African Smoke seasoning from TJ’s occupied the other half of the platter:

I must say I do like the ciabatta version better. It just adds that “something” that a wrap doesn’t have – that chewy, airy, crispy ciabatta texture, which I just love. I think a ciabatta just may be the perfect sandwich bread. A bold statement I know. Also, a wrap is, well…just a wrap. No class, whereas a sandwich can be art. The potatoes turned out much like the skillet potatoes at Van Gog’,s Eeterie in Springfield, MO except air-fried. They were very similar though. And tasty.

I’m going to modify my recipe and do the chicken differently next time. I’ve been thinking about this and I have a solution. It is a difficult sandwich to eat with even a thin chicken breast on it. I have a couple of different ideas I’m thinking of. I’ll let you know what I try and how it turns out.


It’s nice having this bistro table back on the porch. I’ve used it the two nights it’s been on the porch; it’s nice eating and enjoying a glass of wine outside on a small table – reminds me of Europe in that regard. It’s a very relaxed vibe.


A few weeks back I was looking into natural bug killers for wasps. These things have been everywhere this year but I don’t like to use poison because of the environment and my dogs.

I came across an article that said to mix 2 parts dishwasher soap and 8 parts water in a spray bottle. I keep a bottle on the porch and it really works. Knock ‘em down & spray them 4-5 times and they have clocked out & gone home. Safe for nature, kids & pets.

That’s all for todays post. Thanks for checking out my blog if it’s your first visit; if you’re back again welcome back!


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  1. If you’re interested in various spices, take a look online at Savory Spice Shop, out of Denver. It started as a single shop in Denver and now they are all over the country. Good online site. We have a shop about 5 minutes north of our house and I get most of my spices there. Good options and you get a free spice pack on your birthday.

    • I just checked and they have a location in KC. And wouldn’t you know…it’s right near a bunch of great restaurants, not far from Rosedale’s BBQ!

      Thanks for the tip, Mr. Jimmy!

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