Trailer Water System; Food

Well, I think I got the leaky shutoff fixed. I blew some more air through it with the bike pump (more on the air compressor later…) and it may have done the trick. The valve doesn’t feel the same as the other one when it closes, but it’s not leaking.

I know this because I put around ten gallons of water in the tank today. I could not find my bleach so I had to stop & run back to town for another jug to sanitize the water system. I’m going to do that tomorrow morning and let it sit for 24. Then I will drain it, rinse it ‘til no chlorine smell, then I’m open for the season. Hell yeah. Ready to go.

I’ll know more tomorrow after I add bleach, fill it up, and run bleach into the city water side of the system as well. Everything will be full & sanitized. I should see if it’s leaking while it’s sanitizing.

Seeing all these trailers going by on the highway is giving me some real incentive to get mine ready – damn I wanna go somewhere. Now that I have the water issue solved (🤞🏼) I’m going to put the mattress back in. I think I’m going to leave a few cushions in to help take up space at the head & foot of the mattress. It will help the sheets stay tighter.

Unfortunately I still have to find a shop that will do the repairs so that’s gonna eat into my travel time. I can’t do much about it so I’ll do what I can when I can. Anything beats nothing!

I have to remember to get some oil and see about getting my generator running for the first time. I was trying to sell it but had no interest. I hope to use primitive/boondocking camping more out on public lands. That’s definitely easier in the West and I do hope to get back out that way again. I have found several places of interest for camping, hiking and sightseeing in the East.


While I was at the store yesterday, I got a frozen pizza. Now these days I usually do not buy this stuff, but I got this because it’s an Imo’s pizza – a St. Louis thing – like the Cardinals, Red Hot Riplets & T-ravs . They have this unique cheese on their pizzas called “provel”. I have never had one of their pizzas yet so I’m gonna give it a try in the next few days. I want to see what all the rave is about. I hear it’s different and some like it, others don’t.

Yeah, I’m having to try a frozen version but I want to try it now and can’t wait until I get to a restaurant any longer. I’m not sure what to expect but I’m open-minded about most foods these days. I’ll be posting my thoughts in the future after I try it. It’s a lot of sodium but I’m watching that so if it’s a smaller portion I’m good. Just want the taste.

I baked my vegetarian lasagna tonight. It turned out good – maybe a bit watery from my frozen peppers (I’ll roast them next time to get some water out) but still good. I cut smaller portions from this one so I have extras. I freeze some in plastic for travel (no breakage) and for home in Pyrex. I prefer glass but there are exceptions in some situations.

That wraps up a busy day and this post. I was a bit busy and will be a little bit this weekend. Thanks for reading.


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