May 29th, 2022


Last night I made what is (so far) my best ever attempt at making stir fry in my wok. Rice noodles, chicken, broccoli, rainbow carrots, snow peas, ginger and garlic with some teriyaki sauce. It turned out very delicious. I am still learning how to cook like this and I’m very happy with how this turned out. The leftovers made for a tasty lunch.

I had planned on firing up the pizza oven tonight but it’s been just way too windy today. Maybe tomorrow it will be calm and I can get that Hawaiian pizza made! I still have enough stuff to do stir fry again too.

I have not been having much luck shopping for my groceries at Walmart. Last week I had to return fresh chicken because it went bad 4-5 days before the label said to use by. Thursday I bought some gold nugget tangerines in a bag. I went to get one out for breakfast this morning and the entire rest of the bag was moldy so back for a refund.

I certainly won’t be buying perishables there anymore as this has happened to me a few times before. I hate wasting food but I’m also not keen on throwing my money away. I think from now on I’m food-shopping elsewhere.

It’s really hard cooking meals for just one person. Everything comes in such ginormous quantities and when you’re single it’s difficult to eat up some groceries because of that. I will say that Aldi, being a European grocery chain, tends to package foods in smaller portions which is very convenient.

The trailer electrical repair seems fine so far. That is a good thing because it needed to be fixed, but I also currently don’t have a smoke detector in the trailer. My old one died; they do have an expiration date so that’s always good to check at home too. That is what I discovered when my battery died and I checked the date.

Last week I had to replace a piece of vinyl trim molding on the outside of the trailer due to it somehow getting damaged and a hole was letting water in where it didn’t need to be. There was no underlying damage – more preventive maintenance than fixing a leak. The screws used to hold it to the trim on the bottom of the trailer have rusted through so I had to put some sealant on it with hopes it will keep the trim in place going down the highway. The rusted screws have to be redrilled and replaced. I do need to do that at some point since those screws also hold the trim to the frame.

Luna moth

While out running my errands today I saw a sign for “Quick Family Reunion”. Of course, it made me wonder (because that is what I do)…is ”Quick” their name or do you pull up, slam on the brakes, jump out, yell “HELLO EVERYONE!”, and grab a hot dog & a beer and leave really fast?

Regardless, it was a nice day for a reunion today…Quick, fast, or not. It’s been in the 80s, breezy and lots of sunshine. If not for the wind it’d probably be hot. I bet the campgrounds and hotels are packed this weekend. But, it’s been a day to get laundry done and arrange a few things in the trailer in case I can get away myself after the weekend crowds go away.

That’s it for today.

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