May 27th, 2022

Finally…a break in the lousy weather. Good to see the sun again, but even better than that it’s good to not see it raining. It looks to be a nice few days coming up so I’ll be taking advantage of the break in the weather. Unfortunately, it’s just in time for one of the best weekends to stay home and avoid the massive crowds.

It’s the “official“ beginning of Summer to many. I don’t really follow that since I have not had kids in school for many years. Honestly, I have never really subscribed to that and never understood it. If it is good enough to travel then go someplace! I’ll travel year ‘round if I can and I prefer to go without the crowds. Only problem is that some places cater to the Memorial-Day-to-Labor-Day crowds so they close when some of us want to be out on the road. Unfortunately, some areas are beholden to late- or early-season snowfalls so it tends to shorten travel possibilities. There are times and places we still have to go with everyone else.

I was hoping (actually planning) to get out this past week but the weather was only one part of the problem. I plugged my trailer into a newly-installed 30-amp outlet after being told it was okay to do so, only to find out it WASN’T okay to do so. Too much power surged into my trailer, sending both the 110v to 12v converter and my Nespresso coffee machine to ride the lightning.

The converter converts 110V AC to 12V DC and does two things – it not only keeps the battery charged, but it also powers the 12v accessories (furnace and lights among other stuff) while it is plugged in to shore power saving the battery. It’s really a necessary thing to have since you cannot rely on a battery that’s not being charged.

I think you know what a coffeemaker does.

As far as I can tell I think that was the only damage done. Of course I wouldn’t know for certain until I got it replaced, but as far as I could diagnose the issues I believe those two things were the only things that gave their lives. There were two circuit breakers tripped and I believe one was from the bad converter, the other my newly-expired Nespresso since the breakers would reset when I unplugged them. Bother we’re dead shorts to ground.

Things were made right by the guy who did the work. The new part showed up this afternoon and I got it installed. I turned the power in the trailer back on afterwards and I am not seeing any other electrical issues like I saw before. What a huge relief that there are no other problems. Looks like I will begin looking to get away sooner than I thought!

While the weather is fairly decent this weekend I think I’ll do up some stir fry in the wok. I also have Hawaiian pizza fixings so I may fire up the Ooni and make one of those. Tonight a grilled veggie burger with bacon mustard and roasted carrots was on the menu. It was delicious. It will be good weather to cook outdoors the next several days so I’ll be doing as much of that as possible. I’ll be getting the hibachi out soon for skewers…maybe even this weekend.

I always like cooking outdoors and there were many 3 A.M. grilling sessions at my last house in Colorado. What a great house with so many good memories. And some things I wish I could remember!

That’s all for now.

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