June 4th, 2022

Looking like some decent weather today but it’s windy again. There looks to be some pretty stormy weather looming and unfortunately hanging around the next few days. Lots of rain is being forecast. Looks like any trip with the trailer will have to wait a bit more.

Speaking of travel, here’s a link for a giveaway for some goodies from Scott’s Cheap Flights. You can win stuff, and I can win stuff as well.

Got my 2nd ‘rona booster yesterday morning and my arm is pretty sore – otherwise no issues. With the cases heading back upwards most everywhere I wanted to be ahead of the risk by getting that booster and continue masking up & sanitizing hands.

It’s hard to believe it’s Summer already. The older I get it seems the faster life goes. Even though gas prices are climbing (due to corporate greed), I definitely still plan on traveling. I may do more short trips but the best way to save money is to find a spot and stay for a few days doing everything there is to do then move on. A campsite is cheaper than a tank of gas and I bet there is a chance that those prices will possibly fall due to lack of demand from people who are staying home.

I have noticed there’s fewer people that look to be “traveling”; I don’t see as many RVs and trailers on the road as I normally do. Not that they aren’t out there – just not as many as normal. It could be that people are going the motel/hotel route, too, and not taking their roof with them.

Today the new smoke detector for the trailer shows up so that will get installed. I really shoulda done this sooner but it fell through the cracks as life trudged onwards. I just spaced it out. Won’t take but a few minutes to get it done.

Just a quick update for today.

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