May 13th, 2022

It’s been very humid and hot lately. Way too hot and humid.

I have always hated this kind of weather and I always will. It just sucks and there are very limited options to escape it. At least when it is cold you can put on a coat; not a good idea when it is hot. The other thing I am dealing with is seasonal allergies and the weather is not helping with that. My white truck is yellow with pollen today. I have had two rather bad allergy attacks lately – one five weeks ago; the last one two weeks ago sent me to the doctor to be seen by the doctor and get some meds. It had gotten in my lungs and that never ends well for me. Luckily we got it under control in time and I am pretty much over that now.

And of course the A/C in the truck being broken is keeping me from getting out traveling much at the moment. It is just too hot to go very far without it plus it does filter the pollen out of the air, keeping my allergies in check. I also am a little concerned with the compression locking up and breaking the belt and really complicating things. It sucks even more since right now I have the time to go do something while school is still in session and it’s not too crowded yet. I am actually booking a backup appointment with hopes I can get it in and fixed faster (and maybe much cheaper!).

The weather forecast is looking like a slight cooldown next week so that may be my opportunity to make a short trip someplace. I am waiting to hear back from the shop to schedule the repair and the appointments are usually (and unfortunately) several days out so I might be able to sneak in a trip, albeit probably a hot and sweaty one. I need a break.

I have enough points for a couple of free hotel nights and at least one free campground night to go somewhere. I usually try to just keep accumulating points/miles and stockpiling the free stays for a rainy day, but I do have to use them at some point – some do expire. I hope to get a miles trip re-scheduled soon; I had one set up but ended up having to cancel it due to uncertainty on entry restrictions being lifted before it was time to go. I did not want to get too far in the process and have even more to cancel and be really disappointed.

Just like the last 2+ years with the ‘rona, I will just do what I can do and go when & where I can.

In closing this post, I’d like to say “thanks” to someone who contacted me encouraging me to continue blogging. I appreciate your support and kind words.

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