December 1st, 2021

A few nights ago I watched part two of “The Beatles: Get Back”, and tonight I finished the trilogy. It is so interesting to watch them working out the songs live and to see the chemistry and magic between them. It really shows a different side of them – more mature than the early years and stretching their creativity as they had done on the previous few records since they recorded “Rubber Soul”.

I caught myself tapping my foot, nodding my head and smiling while watching the songs evolve through the writing process and thinking the incredible music they made in such a short amount of time. And thinking of the influence these guys had on music and the business of music is pretty phenomenal to ponder. I still think they are probably the greatest band of all time with what they accomplished and how they changed the music world.

It’s looking like several more countries have been, and more will be, shutting down international travel again due to the new ‘rona strain. I am thinking that going back over is now not going to be possible for quite some time so I don’t know about buying a ticket or even considering planning to go.

It just makes me even more glad that I have the trailer and can still do road trips – travel keeps me happy and sane. I am fortunate to still have that option and I thank my mom for that all the time.

That’s all for this post.

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