November 26th, 2021

I am ready to shave my face. I had to trim the whiskers that were starting to cover my mouth. It is getting to the point of needing a trim all over but I am holding out to the end of the month and I’ll scrape it all off my face next week.

I ended up buying a few movies today from the Apple Store. I got “JoJo Rabbit” along with the five-movie box set of the “Vacation” movies. That first one is a classic movie, the “European Vacation” and “Christmas Vacation” were both pretty good, and the Vegas one was okay. I have not seen the one with Ed Helms called “Vacation” yet, but it was in the set too. They are worth $5 each in the set and individually they were much more expensive. I happened to see a few scenes of “JoJo Rabbit” over the shoulder of someone in front of me on an airplane flight I was on and I wanted to see it. It, too, was on sale for $5 so I have a few new movies in my library to watch.

Since I don’t spend anything on entertainment like cable or satellite TV buying a few movies every now and then is my video splurge. When the rental is $4 and it’s only $1 more to buy it I’m gonna spend the extra buck.

I downloaded part two of “The Beatles: Get Back” today as well. It is over three hours long! Part three is available tomorrow so I will have to find quite a bit of time to watch those two shows before my subscription expires. It’s probably going to be over four or five nights of viewing.

I really hope to be able to get back out to explore soon. Since it is getting late in the year I probably won’t be going up to the northeast until next year. I have also been really looking at buying a ticket to Europe lately, but now today’s news is talking that we have a new ‘rona strain to contend with. It sounds like it is becoming problematic for travel already so I am trying my best to wait. I think it has a really good chance of shutting down travel again so I am not getting my hopes up. Austria is now completely shut down and there’s a serious curfew.

For now I guess I need to focus on some domestic road trips to get out on. Canada is open, but you gotta make it worth the hassles of testing and such. I won’t go through the trouble of everything that needs to be done for just a day trip or even a weekend. That means I would have to wait to do that until next year too so I can really explore there, which is something I want to do.

My new pizza oven will be here next week so that is very exciting. I am ready to try that out. I’ll be learning to make pizza dough from scratch and I imagine that will be pretty satisfying to do. The rest of my shopping is now done but things will be arriving a few days later than anticipated; at least they will be delivered in a reasonable amount of time.

That is all for this post.

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