December 3rd, 2021

I decided to go ahead spend the money to buy some merino wool shirts. I need some new clothes anyway. They are certainly not cheap, but good stuff usually never is and you certainly get what you pay for. I saw some that were more expensive but I sure wasn’t spending $120 for a T-shirt.

I am waiting for them to show up so I cannot tell you about the quality but they get good reviews. If you are interested in creating an account with them and making a purchase we both get $25 coupons if you use this referral link.

In other news…

Got myself a case of bronchitis so needless to say that has been a bit scary with all this other crap going on. I mask up everywhere and wash hands often so I felt confident it wasn’t the ‘rona, but it’s my semi-regular annual respiratory infection so I was not too concerned. I am not taking any chances. I started on the zinc a few days ago to help fight it, then got some V8 juice and orange juice as well. I did a video visit with my awesome doctor yesterday and she gave me the usual meds. I am feeling better today so it’s working. I will go in to the doctor if it doesn’t improve.

Nice weather here the last few days but since I’ve been sick I haven’t been able to take advantage of it or go anywhere other than getting meds and juice. It’s frustrating but getting well is the priority. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler so I’ll be bundled up to keep my recovery going in the right direction.

Rider went to the vet for a procedure today and now he has on what they called a “satellite dish” – yep, the cone of shame. He will be donning this stylish accessory and taking it easy for the next few weeks while he heals. Right now the little guy is wasted on pain meds and anti-anxiety pills. Everything is fine with him otherwise and he’ll be ready to ride shotgun again soon!

That’s all for now. Stay well and stay safe!

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