May 31st, 2018

Man was it nice to have the day off and I get another one tomorrow.

My first weeks at work have been busy but now it is the real busy season and the pace has definitely picked up. Over the holiday weekend I talked with a lot of people. It was busy and non-stop, but it was really nowhere near as hectic as I thought it would be. I’m fine with it calming down though. I have plenty of things to get done.

I went to the acupuncturist again this morning. Eastern medicine is very fascinating and has been very effective for me in the past. You have to approach it with an open mind since they talk about some things the local PPO doesn’t. I don’t care…it seems to be loosening my back up and she is working on some other issues going on as well. It just works.

This afternoon I got the wasp screens put in the refrigerator grates on the trailer. I am glad to finally have that done. It was tedious and time-consuming but it was easy. I haven’t had them very long so I wasn’t sitting on them for months.

I had to buy some metal snips to trim the screens to fit but they will also come in handy when I fix the fender-well that was torn up by the tire blowout in Utah last year. I believe that I can make a good repair to it pretty easily.

What I plan to do is find some thin sheet metal and cut and rivet that new metal over the old metal on the underside (that means taking the tire off and that is a real pain) and secure it on the frame. I will then spray it with Flex Seal – it will seal up the seams and rivets nicely and the whole repair will be a more permanent fix than my temporary one without taking it to a shop. I cannot imagine what they would charge to fix the fender-well after the price I got to fix the shower. It would involve taking a lot of things apart and that would be spendy. I’ll just fix it from the outside and it’ll be fine.

I have plans later in the day tomorrow to meet up with some friends. I’d like to get the new taillights on the trailer tomorrow but I really need to replenish the pantry and do some serious cooking. I’ll at least get some groceries and I plan on getting a grill tomorrow. I wake up by 6 AM on my days off so I can get up early, have a cup of coffee and hit the store.

I have gone back and forth between buying charcoal vs. propane grills. The purist in me prefers charcoal but propane has a lot of positives. It is easier, consistent heat and less polluting. I had a propane grill in CO and I used the hell out of it. I even added a smoke pan to some things I made and it tasted great.

Pieces are falling into place for what is turning out to be something rather big on the horizon. No, I won’t tell you what it is or give any details at this moment (you should know me better than that by now), but when it happens I will definitely be posting about it.

Stay tuned…

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  1. “Pieces are falling into place for what is turning out to be something rather big on the horizon.” Either somebody’s considering a big move or the prices on Viagra in Canada have come down. That’s just my uneducated guesses,

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