May 24th, 2018

The weekend from hell is upon us.

Going to be a busy few days coming up and I only have one day off this weekend. A little bit of time on my day off in the morning will be used for another badly-needed acupuncturist appointment. I could have worked but I need to get my neck and back issues back under control as they are starting to get a little more serious. It also would mean two weeks without a day off and I’m not really feeling that either.

The weather has been gorgeous with partial sun and perfect (for me) temperatures in the 60s. The rainfall has slacked off and there’s not much in the forecast. Not good news and hopefully not a sign of things to come this summer. We need to avoid fire as much as possible.

Trailer parts are rolling in so I will probably work on that this weekend and get it done and out of the way. It shouldn’t take too long to install the new taillights and the insect screens on the refrigerator vents.

I wish I had an alternative to spending $700 fixing the shower. I really do not want to do it myself but at that price there’s not much choice. I should have had the other guy that I had talked to before I moved fix it since he said it would be around $400. He died a few months ago so I don’t think that price will stand and it is too far to go back there anyhoo. I have got to get it fixed soon so I need to get started. I want to take a trip or two first though. I should be able to in a couple of weeks.

On the news tonight was a segment about a Seattle homeless encampment and the 103% rise in crime around it. The neighbors are all pissed off (and rightfully so) about their area subjected to such a drastic increase in theft, robbery and drug dealing. This guy was who they interviewed about the drug problem…


This guy doesn’t like the drug crimes rate rising in his neighborhood.

What can you really so to this picture? I laughed my ass off when he came on TV.

That’s about all for now.

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