June 8th, 2018

I awoke this morning, much like the rest of the world, to the shocking news that Anthony Bourdain had died.

Bourdain’s shows really sparked something inside, and I could even say he inspired me to not only take some chances and try new foods here in this country, but also to travel and experience the world. Granted I have always loved travel and wanted to go abroad, but he made it seem more accessible and less intimidating for everyday people.

His shows, from “A Cook’s Tour” to “Parts Unknown”, taught us that we are all the same no matter where we are and what narcissist anoints themselves king. He had a “normal guy” genuineness in his presentation, eager to explore the local culture, eat local foods and avoid expensive restaurants (except on rare occasions). “Be like a local” was his style and a pleasant, unpretentious and much-needed change from the usual travel shows.

Thanks to his programs I had the “guts” to try haggis in Edinburgh and currywurst in Köln, all while not feeling too intimidated by foreign travel and language (except for the first day or two) on our European trip earlier this year.

Thanks, Tony, for the inspiration and showing me that the world is not completely a bad place full of bad people and horrible food.

In Other News

A friend from Alaska came in town for the past few days so we got to hang out and do some sightseeing. We had not seen each other for ten years but have stayed in touch. It was great to hang out and get a chance to talk in person and eat some good food.


My first attempt!

I made a gluten-free pineapple upside-down cake in a cast-iron pan last night and it turned out pretty good. It’s hard to resist the temptation of sitting in the recliner with the platter and a fork but I’m still trying to continue with my diet. I only ate one piece last night so I did good with the willpower. Maybe I should reward myself with an extra piece or two today!

I got a new cargo kilt in the mail yesterday from UT Kilts and I am anxious for the weather to warm up a little more (and not be as rainy) so I can wear it. It is made of ripstop so it is lightweight and tough, with lots of pockets. They won’t let me, but I really wish I could wear it to work! I have another one on the way as well and want to get a few more. I would to get a Utilikilt in Seattle but they are spendy. I should just go for it anyway and get one. Spoil myself a little.

Today I’ll be taking care of some errands and do some cooking. I found a recipe for mini-lasagnes using wonton wrappers so I’ll give that a try. I have some other stuff I want to cook and freeze to have fast easy meals after work. I have chicken Italian sausage to cook up with garlic and olive oil to put over pasta, and plenty of supplies to make up Philly steak meat ahead of time to freeze. I got some more gluten-free pizza crusts yesterday and want to put the Philly steak meat on one with some provolone. Oughta be delicious!

With the threat of rain (and the urge to cook up a bunch of stuff) I am not sure about getting the taillights on the trailer today but we’ll see. It may have to wait until next week. I am shifting my focus on trying to get more things done during the week so my weekends are free to go do some things I want to do, like taking the trailer out.

That’s it for now.







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