December 12th, 2021

I woke up to more rain and wind again this morning. There was a High Wind Warning but I needed to press on to get out of this storm system. It was definitely windy, but I was fortunate I pushed on to where I stopped. There were several travel advisories north on I-5 and I … Continue reading December 12th, 2021

October 20th, 2021

Since today is another day, it seemed only logical to go on another adventure. Today’s destination was to a place in Arkansas and then a side trip on the way back just happened to work out as well. One of the many one-lane bridges in MissouriSome of the sights along the way today I got … Continue reading October 20th, 2021

October 19th, 2021

A few things I forgot to mention about my trips over the last few days.; things that I saw uniquely Midwest that you don’t see much, if at all, the farther west you go. I saw a sign Sunday during my drive was for a tent revival down some dirt road. And no need to … Continue reading October 19th, 2021

October 18th, 2021

Old “filling station” or “service station”, as they used to be called Today was Day Two of the Missouri Historical Mill Tour 2021. I learned from yesterday and did a few screenshots of my route, and it was good I did at one point. I did, however, learn something about Google Maps after the first … Continue reading October 18th, 2021