March 8th, 2018

Saturday morning I am loading up the truck and the canoe and taking it to the new place. This week I have been packing boxes and figuring out the first things getting moved. Today the last few to-dos were to-doed and things really fell into place after that.

This morning I got in touch with my storage unit manager and I don’t need to pay anything additional; they’re giving me a little bit of a grace period! That means I am not quite as rushed on that as I thought but I was already planning on being out earlier so that’s a little breathing room IF I need it. I also got a storage unit rented over by the cabin and it is much smaller and cheaper. I can take the storage bins and boxes right over and either put them into the new storage unit. I’ll even be able to get some things out and actually have them in my house.

This will be the first place I have lived in for quite some time that I have been able to un-store things and have them out. That will be an interesting change for me; I have had most of this stuff packed away for a long time now and some of it will possibly be going away as I go through everything.

Now that it’s getting closer it is really beginning to seem more real. At work I have been contacting intern applicants and will be interviewing next week. I am trying to get everything good for my successor so she can get up to speed fast. It will be a busy final week and that might be a good thing. I’m wanting to get the move over so I can take a drive before I start the new job so I am trying to do it as fast and easy and smart as possible.

Having the Scotty at the cabin will also be handy for people who might come over to visit. It’s a spare room if necessary! I do have that futon I took over last weekend too, so there’s room for two on that and up to four in the Scotty. Even has it’s own bathroom in a  “pinch”. Bwahahaha

I think once I get settled I’ll get back into the wine-tasting. I kind of miss a good glass of wine with a meal. I found some delicious wines and want to try more. Problem is it tastes so good with dinner, and after dinner and then another and then, before you know it, you’re polishing off the best part of a bottle a night. That’s really not a good thing to be doing to yourself with such frequency.

I’ll need to do some work on the canoe before I splash it. There is a copper or bronze piece on the front edge of the bow that need replaced so I guess I’ll be learning to do something new. I need to strip the paint off of it and redo it. I need to also make sure the bolts on the runners are tight and the canoe doesn’t leak. My assumption is that that might be problematic.

It is a sailing canoe that I ended up with a couple of years ago (long story). It doesn’t have a mast or sail. Or a rudder. It is without a traditional keel; it has two “runners” on the sides of the bottom. Those should add stability, which will be a good thing on the big water. I have two crab pots I can take out after I get legal for it and it is plenty wide to be stable for that plus with the runners underneath. I also gotta get some life jackets.

It’s going to be a busy next few weeks but also a productive next few weeks as well. I’m planning to get to Costco to get glasses ordered this weekend and get them back hopefully before I head out on the road. I found exactly what I wanted when I got my card last weekend but unfortunately I didn’t have my eyeglass prescription with me. My glasses need replaced really bad and I hope they still have the ones I looked at.

Tonight I went downstairs for Chinese. I’ll miss the food, and the people are so nice and are always calling out “Hi, my friend” when I walk in the door. That’s one thing I will miss.

Except for the first couple of visits (when I ordered my usual General Tso’s chicken) I have tried a new item each time I have eaten there. I decided I wanted to try to eat as much of the menu that I thought was even remotely good eats. I didn’t like the General Tso’s Tofu (a texture thing for me). Otherwise I have liked it all. I am beginning to do that with my Thai food as well. Mmmm..Thai food…

I ate my dinner and got the customary fortune cookie with my bill. I cracked it open to find this:


Tonight’s Fortune Cookie

I have ended up with some interesting fortunes the last few years, and they all seem to come true for the most part (I have posted some of these in earlier postings in the blog). The timing of the fortunes I get is always right on cue it seems.

Kind of interesting.



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