March 9th, 2018

Change of plans.

I loaded up the truck right after work and made a run for it. The weekend is supposed to be nice all over and it will be busy on the roadways. It was actually pretty busy tonight on the way here to the cabin. I wanted to avoid it tomorrow morning and stay here the whole weekend anyhoo.

It will be my first night staying here. Futon is fully assembled now and it’s very comfortable. I added a down mattress topper on top of the futon mattress. It is quite squishy and wraps around you. I guess that would be kind of like a fat chick.

I decided to get as many storage bins as I could in my truck. I will go through them and put in the shelves what I want to keep here and consolidate the rest in fewer tubs. My new storage unit is not very far away; basically it’s right around the corner. It will be convenient to take stuff over and pick something up if I need to go get it. That’s where I will keep most of the trailer stuff and what won’t fit in here that I won’t part with quite yet. I’ll probably still bring the trailer over next weekend (to get it out of storage) and the canoe afterwards. Since I decided to leave so abruptly I wanted to just get as much stuff fast as I could and hit the road.

A few new noises to get used to here, but I like it so much more than the apartment. Tonight the local tweaked was walking around in the middle of the intersection. Won’t have to put up with that shit much longer either. It is much quieter without trains and highway and city noises. It is bright and cheery, and the apartment is a little dingy and old feeling. It has served its purpose just fine, though, and now I’m upgrading.

I have a tiny but nice private backyard so now I need to get a grill. Haven’t had one of those in a while and it will be nice to have one again. I really like the charcoal taste better, but the propane is so much easier and much less polluting. I think I’ll do some container gardening – some tomatoes for sure, some flowers, maybe some green beans and peas to snack on raw, and peppers and onions and cilantro to try making my own salsa. And…with a new grill I can roast those babies. Gotta find a good, simple recipe. Or just wing it. I actually like that idea better.

Oh, and I just discovered that not only do I have cable, it has a TiVo. Man, it just keeps getting better.

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