March 6th, 2017

I finally went to a local drinking establishment tonight that was rumored to have $1 tacos on Tuesdays. Sure as hell, they had ’em so I ate ’em. Now that I am moving I wish I had gone there sooner. There are a few other places I need to hit before I move.

I got home and decided to pack a few things so I flipped on the TV for the usual background noise. There happened to be a movie called “Festival Express” on the live music channel. It was about a cross-Canadian tour with the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, The Band, Buddy Guy and other bands.

The trip was done onboard a train and filmed. I bet that was a train ride you’d like to remember. The live music in the movie was really good. Jam sessions on the train with all of these talented people were filmed and I bet that it was one hell of a great train trip. Janis just tears it up, The Band were really good, and The Dead were as well. If you like the era and the music by these bands this film is a must-see.

Seeing all those “damn hippies” as they were called brought back memories of when I was growing up. Those times were interesting from what I remember and knew of. The ideals of peace seemed unattainable, as Vietnam had been going since I was born, the Korean War was just before I was born and WWII was really not that long before that. There were the assassinations of JFK, Dr. King and RFK on top of that. That was a lot of bad happening for a lot of years.

I must say that watching this movie I understand it all a little better now. It was feel-good music, and it was an escape from the grind of all of the country’s woes at the time. Those were turbulent times and it actually was actually much worse than my young mind could fathom.

Anyway, I want to stay apolitical in this blog. These are merely an observation I made about something I did not fully understand. The movie is a great documentary of a special place in time.


It’s gonna be a pain in the ass moving the canoe and trailer. I cannot take them both at the same time to just get it over with. The rack for the canoe goes in the trailer hitch receiver so it just will not work.

At least I can load up the truck and the Scotty with boxes for both of those trips plus when I rent a trailer. That means that I will actually be able to rent a smaller trailer than I thought I would need to move as much of my stuff as I can in one bigger (and hopefully last) load. It will actually be an “easy” move for the distance.

Once I get moved, though, I can hopefully (weather permitting) get my road trip underway.

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