December 12th, 2017 – Back Home


A Cold Winter’s Morning – Drummond, MT

On the way home it was too damn cold to really stop anywhere – average of temps most of the way was about 17 degrees and most of the places I considered stopping were at about 14 degrees. I’ll be going that way again so the hell with walking around in the temperatures. We are expecting 50s here in WA so that is very welcome after seeing a low of 2 and a high of about 29 over the last week. The weather wasn’t why I was there anyhoo, but it is nice to be back someplace a little warmer. I’m just not used to that nonsense anymore plus it is nice to be back home.

I did leave at a leisurely time Saturday, though – 10:30 AM – so I did get to see sunshine for most of the day while driving. When I got close to Ritzville, WA it was dark and there was slush on the road. I debated stopping there but didn’t, opting to go on. Not wanting to push my luck on Snoqualmie Pass in the nighttime I stayed in Ellensburg and left the hotel late yesterday morning, arriving home around lunchtime.

I am finally getting to enjoy being off work for the winter, It is kind of strange to be not working but I am enjoying the freedom. I am able to schedule appointments whenever I need them, and can make unplanned adventures on a moment’s notice. I still don’t know if I will be working again this year but I am sure that I will get plenty of notice if I will bet needed.

While I was gone I received the last of the travel items I ordered for the Europe adventure. I believe we are both well-prepared and I don’t think I will need to get anything else before we go. It seems like it is still quite a ways off but it is going by quite fast. I cannot believe that we have had the tickets for over three weeks already so that has gone by quickly. We are both really stoked to go and it cannot happen soon enough! We have been looking at travel videos and getting ideas of where to go and what to pack and NOT pack. I think we have a good handle on things so far.

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