December 16th, 2017

Another grey and showery day here in the PNW. That’s okay, though, since we did have a few beautiful sunny days earlier in the week. Got my laundry out of the way first thing this morning so that is done. I finally have a massage next week and my neck needs it badly since muscle-relaxers aren’t helping out too much. I also have a follow-up visit for my contacts to see how they are working out. This time wearing contacts has been much better than my previous experience three years ago so it is exciting to not wear glasses anymore.

Tonight is the big office holiday bash so last night I made a dessert to take. I have never made this dessert before but I am quite familiar with it. It is cream cheese mixed with powdered sugar and whipped cream, spread on a pre-baked piecrust, and then a layer of a mix of vanilla and chocolate pudding. Top this off with more whipped topping and a few English walnut pieces and you have it – a pan of awesomeness. I found a recipe with a twist, however. Instead of a piecrust, the crust on this one is chocolate chip cookie dough pre-baked. This oughta be good!

Yesterday I changed my phone provider from Verizon to T-Mobile. I changed over for several reasons, but price was a biggie. I now pay less for an unlimited plan than I did for a 5GB plan. With that comes Canada and Mexico included so I no longer need to turn off my phone when I head north across the border. I also get an International plan for $25 a MONTH instead of $10 a DAY, and that includes unlimited data and texting! That will be rather handy in Europe when we go. Where I work has spotty phone signal so I am curious to see what kind of signal I have tonight.

Verizon was also a big proponent of removing net neutrality protections for consumers so adios to them for pushing that. If this works out okay I can use my T-mobile as a hotspot and I can get rid of my Comcast internet, another company pushing to screw the consumers out of net neutrality. T-mobile is also getting into the TV fray next year so I will have options for TV as well. I no longer have Amazon so Prime Video is no longer an option but right now I find plenty to watch.

Thursday I made a trip to check on the trailer. I really wanted to take it out for a journey and am thinking about where to go so it wouldn’t freeze up on me. Only place would be California and it’s on fire. I guess it wouldn’t freeze, though.


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