Well, I Did It!

Yep, I did. I broke down and got an iPhone X a few days ago.

I have been debating it with myself for a while now but every place I checked they were out of stock. Well, wouldn’t ya know it…I stopped by the Verizon dealer here in MT, asked if they had them, and they called my bluff. They had FOUR in stock! Imagine my shock to hear that!

I was pondering getting a new phone before going to Europe. I want to be able to stay in touch while there and my iPhone 6 is over three years old so I wanted to hedge my bets on having issues. The X has a killer camera as well and that will be a necessity on my trip. I’ll get a trade-in allowance on my 6 so it helps to knock the price down a little. Yeah, it’s expensive, but I don’t get a new phone every time one comes out.

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