Another Bucket List Addition

A few years back I wanted to go do something truly unique. I did not get to do it then, but the time is getting closer. Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for…

Burning Man.

Now, over the years I have had the opportunity to witness and do some pretty incredible things in life so it takes a little something to really get on my bucket list. I have talked about a few things but there’s more that I won’t bore anyone with here. The point is it needs to be something unique, something special, that once-in-a-lifetime experience. Just like one of my earlier postings where I got to fly in a B-17.

I just happened to see something about Burning Man a few times in the last few days, and the last time was just a few minutes ago in a kilt advertisement. It kinda made me think back about trying to go the first time.

A few years before I moved out of Colorado, my daughter Chelsea and I talked about going and had decided we wanted to do it but it was not meant to be. The Establishment kept us down. My work dicked me over and screwed around until it was too late for us to get tickets. Bastards. I never forgot that and we were pretty disappointed that we didn’t get to go. And I was quite ready to spend the money and we were going.

It would be cool if all of my daughters and their guys could go! That would be such a trip to see and there’s the look on each other’s faces… It’d be shockingly awesome. I am sure that it would be quite an eye-opening and enlightening experience for all of us. I have a feeling some of them would rather go to Hawaii or Vegas instead of the desert in August. I can see that logic…

What a hell of an adventure though! Oh, the memories that could be made! Oh, the tribalness of it (Is that even a word?!?! You know what I mean though!)!

I am going to have to figure out a way to get there in the next couple of years. I have to remember to get in on time to be able to get tickets one year and get there. I need to set a reminder for next year when they go on sale. That gives me time to figure out how to prepare oneself for something like that as best as one can, I don’t know if my trailer should be tossed into those conditions. That kind of sand and wind could really wreak havoc on it. Buying an old RV might be the best – just use it and then sell it.

Anyway, that’s the newest addition to the ever-growing bucket list!

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