June 26th, 2017

Been a few days since I have posted but nothing really too exciting going on. Work has been busy, but we will be able to get on our normal schedules next week finally and get out and do what we do best. You always learn something new each day and but our training is pretty much over this season. That is one plus, learning new things is another, and my last crew member starts in a week.

I got my First Aid/CPR card renewed, I got some intense training for more certifications, some defensive driving courses, and more training on other things. It has felt good to have a few more days of what our version of “normal” is. It’s nowhere near what you may think!

I have several maintenance things I need to take care of at work. I hope to start those things tomorrow and start chipping away at my list of to-dos. It’s tourist season but we are in great shape since the crew is working their asses off staying on top of things. They have adapted to everything that has been tossed their way and they are just killing it. I have gotten a little more responsibility and have done some very important things lately that had some serious responsibility.

I have not really had a vacation in too damn long so I need to take time off. I have some time off built up that I need to burn so I think there will be a road trip before too long. I’ll take the Scotty someplace for several days. I have built up a lot of time off working over and from earning vacation time. I need to use it before too long. Needing a break to go someplace.

Looks like I’ll probably be working late in the year this year again. I wanted to travel but I think it’s more important getting more $$ in the bank, plus I can keep my insurance going and that will help out too. I will probably just fly to Maine this fall to complete my oldest bucket list entry of all 50 states visited.

I looked at an apartment in a city, but is all I can find – and it’s nowhere near work because there is nothing closer. I don’t think I will take in after all. Another offer came up and it might be better for the time being and is even a few hundred cheaper. The apartment wanted to do all the credit check/criminal background check stuff plus a minimum year lease. Don’t think I want to be locked into a place in town for a year minimum when I’d rather be in the country but closer to the city. The other place I heard of is in the country but on the edge of a city.

My dad is in the hospital. My sister came home and found him in the hall on the floor a few days ago. He ended up having a severe infection and is having troubles walking from his system being weakened. They are going to work with him for a few days and get him back into fighting shape so he can get out of there. He was in a lot of pain too. Get well soon!

I used my new Instant Pot a few times now and I really like it. I have found other new recipes to try so I cannot wait to go shopping to do that!

There is today’s update.


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