Scotty Hilander Upgrades and Fixes

Here are some of the items I have purchased for the trailer. I have posted about most of these items but wanted to offer up some Amazon links for them. Please bear with me as this process is new to me!

I installed two of these handy drawers under my kitchen table. I also installed another drawer of a different size. The table is an odd shape so I was able to make all three fit even though the table is small. This has really helped with the clutter of small things. While installing those I installed this handy tissue holder.

The Hott Rod Heating Element conversion kit is fantastic! It has cut down my propane usage considerably. I actually turn the propane heater on and use it to supplement just a few extra minutes of shower. It has been a great upgrade to my trailer.

The LED lights must be talked about. I bought two different styles and they have really saved the battery. The double ones are the ones I probably use the most, but you can use only one side or both with the two-way switch. The single one is above the sink is handy for dishes and cleaning up.

The various bug screens I have purchased look like this. I have installed them over the furnace and water heater vents to keep out the wasps and bees. I still need a few more of a different type but am having trouble finding what I need right now.

Of course, there are the Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 pressure cookers I bought for all of my daughters’ families and the Instant Pot Ultra pressure cooker I bought for myself. I found some interesting recipes to try (one is Italian beef, Luke!) and I have to look into adapting a few recipes I already have to make them work. It does function as a slow-cooker as well so many recipes I have already are for that cooking method.

For entertainment purposes I invested in a couple of items. This handy FM transmitter for my truck was very inexpensive and works great! I did not have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a stereo some asshat will want to steal and it sounds fine. Granted, it’s not like that killer stereo I had in the Explorer but it’s okay for me for now.

The other thing I invested in was this portable Bluetooth speaker. I watch movies on my laptop and use it for the audio and listen to music on it as well. It is surprisingly loud and surprisingly good for the price. I am actually thinking about buying a second one to have a wider stereo image via a cable.

There are other assorted things not really worth mentioning – little items that cover plugs, detect carbon monoxide, go on the sewer hose, etc. In the future I will be putting links in my postings for items I get that I think may be of interest to viewers of my blog. If I mention something and neglect to link it please let me know if interested and I will get it fixed. Again, please bear with me as I am making some changes to the blog and hope to get the product posting figured out a bit better.

Obviously, I spend a few bucks with Amazon. I do it for a few reasons and Prime is the big reason. The video selection is one part of that. I can watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, comedy…you know the list. Living in some of the remote places I have lived the last five years shopping can be an inconvenience so the free shipping is another advantage. The selection is incredible as you all well know.

Like most other companies they do some things I do not like, but I still have to shop and buy things and I need it easy for me and be able to save some money. They fill that spot right now for me. It could change in the future, however. Amazon sure makes it easy for being someone that doesn’t really like to shop at stores.

Anyway, I have talked about these things linked above in previous posts and I figured I would post the links to them in case anyone is interested.



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