It Has Been Busy!

We have had record-breaking visitation here at the refuge this year. We have had a lot of visitors this summer. We have had great weather to visit here and walk on The Spit. The birds are starting to migrate back through almost on a daily basis – interesting to see that change happen as well.

I went out for some boating experience on Friday and to help with a project on Protection Island. I am going for boating training in October… in Hawaii! I am getting the training in preparation to be the caretaker out on Protection Island next year.

The opportunity arose and I said I was interested so then we had to figure out getting my certification training. Hawaii was jokingly mentioned, and I said “Sure! I will go there!”. The response was something like “Yeah… I BET you would!”. I said I would use my miles to get myself there since I have always wanted to go there (plus cross it off my list of states to visit). They take will care of the training (since it is required for me to be the caretaker on the island) and I will possibly staying in a refuge bunkhouse during my training. I have two courses to take – one is the course for running the boat to the island, and the second is Open Water. That will certify me for operating a boat in the ocean or ocean-like conditions.

My certification training will be in late October in Pearl Harbor, so I am pumped up for that! I have never been to a tropical place so this will be cool. Between the two courses I will have a weekend off to go explore so I am going to get a hotel maybe somewhere on the north part of Oahu. I wish I had more time and money, but I am getting to go and get the training (as well as some time off to look around) so that works for me too.

I just got back from babysitting a seal pup on the beach for the last 5 hours. Those things are sure cute. The weather was nice, but it got windy and cool as the early evening rolled around. I had to endure a beautiful sunset over the Strait, however.

I have gotten to go out crabbing twice the last two weeks, so I am getting quite a supply of fresh Dungeness and red rock crabs in the freezer. Hope my parents are ready for a feast when they get here!

It has been absolutely incredible to be working in a place like this experiencing the things I have been fortunate enough to experience here. Sure… getting to this point over the last year has been rather trying at times, but it has paid off huge for me.

4 thoughts on “It Has Been Busy!

  1. you are so lucky to have this wonderful are making a lot of memories for when you get old and retire..have fun in hawaii..i have always wanted to go ya, auntie sharon

    • Hell, I will be lucky to remember things when I GET old!

      And retirement?!?!? That is for quitters. I am using ALL the runway! LOL

      Yeah, I am very lucky. I have had some great jobs, and this is probably the most fulfilling one of all.

      Oh I am sure plenty of fun will be had in Hawaii. It will be a great time.

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