July 3, 2014

I got a lot done to the bike this past weekend in preparation for our Oregon road trip next week. Oil and rear drive fluid changes, new K&N air filter, new plugs, suspension adjustments, wash and wax...it was a busy one. We have pretty much all we need so all that is left is the … Continue reading July 3, 2014

Crab… It’s What’s for Dinner

My first real crabbing trip this morning was a success! YAY!!!! Between the two of us we nearly got our limits on Dungeness crab, but we got our limits on red rock crab. We spent a beautiful morning on a boat inside the Spit setting and pulling crab pots and ring nets until around noon. … Continue reading Crab… It’s What’s for Dinner

My Postings Have Been Quiet…

..but I have been busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest. Weather has been beautiful lately, but the showers may be back this week. I am hoping to get a bike ride in and undertake an adventure this week since I have a three-day weekend. Victoria, Canada is still on my radar and … Continue reading My Postings Have Been Quiet…

I’m Going Fishing… Just For The Halibut!

First an update: Last week we went out in search on invasive species called European Green Crab. Well, luckily it was a bust. We got many small shore crab, some beautiful Dungeness and Rock crab. The last two are edible but we are on a research permit and we cannot keep them so we did … Continue reading I’m Going Fishing… Just For The Halibut!