This Weekend’s Adventure – August 14-15, 2013

After my motorcycle issues on my Vancouver Island ride last weekend I needed to work on my Honda V65. I did some research online and asked a few people on a forum and got some suggestions on what to look for and how to fix it so I am giving it a try. It did not take too much to get it done, which is good since I am not a bike mechanic.. I got the idle issue fixed (at least I THINK I did), got some electrical parts for a cooling fan bypass switch, and got some other things taken care of. It started to rain a bit after I got done so I could not take a test ride, but hope to do that over the next few days. I have a shop manual and an owner manual and they have come in very handy. I am really anxious to see if the problems are fixed now, but I think it should be okay.

Yesterday I went out crabbing again. We did pretty good so there will be a decent crab feast soon! The water was calm and the air was warm. It was a very pleasant morning. We got out on the boat around 8:45 or so. There were many seals, both adults and babies, on the land and in the water. We saw a flock of about two dozen Great Blue Heron, a bazillion gull, a Bald Eagle, many geese and some shorebirds. It was a busy place for animals, but not really many people.

It is pretty interesting being out on the water like that. It is definitely a whole other world. The water adds a dimension that cannot be compared to anything on land. Sure, you can have dangerous situations on land, such as lost in the woods or stranded in the desert. A boat is your island, however, and you cannot be without it for any length of time in the cold waters up here. It is also interesting to see the things that go along with fishing/crabbing – bait and pot preparation, keeping safe while moving about on a boat, the actual catching of fish/crab/etc. Not a lot of that where I moved from, but I am settling right into it.

I just might have to get a boat someday, especially if I get to stay in this area.

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