My Horoscope for Today – 9/5/13

“Obsessive thinking may be something you need to look at today…” it says in part.

I wonder what they are talking about? I am just enjoying a day off and not thinking about much of anything, so what could they be referring to? If I am not thinking about anything, then how could I be obsessively thinking about anything? I just don’t understand what they mean about “obsessive thinking” if I am not thing about anything in particular.

Who comes up with these horoscopes? Why do they think I am being obsessive about anything? Why are they intruding in my business anyhoo? Maybe THEY are the ones being obsessive by butting into my horoscope. It is only a horoscope, but if I think about it, am I obsessing about anything? No, I am not… well not that I am aware of. I would think I would know if I WERE, in fact, obsessing about something. But, maybe I wouldn’t. Maybe I need to think about it a little closer to see if I AM obsessing about anything.

I COULD just let it go, but it is really bugging me now…

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