Aloha and Mahalo, Hawai’i!

It is a bit warm outside as I sit in the airport typing this entry waiting for my flight to go back home. My rental car had 82 on the thermometer when I dropped it off, and with the humidity it is getting pretty warm to me. This has been a great trip. I accomplished … Continue reading Aloha and Mahalo, Hawai’i!

Pearl Harbor, Pt. 2

Today I went back to Pearl Harbor to see the rest of the things I had not seen yet. First, I went through the displays and stopped to read some things more closely. I watched a film about the attack. It was really a surprise attack of epic proportions. Afterwards, I went to the Arizona … Continue reading Pearl Harbor, Pt. 2

First Full Day in Hawai’i

As suspected, I woke up early due to the time change. Never mind the exhausting day before... I still woke up at 5 AM this morning. I laid around until 6 or so and took a shower. Most everyone else was up and heading to the office. Time for a road trip! I was not … Continue reading First Full Day in Hawai’i

Updates – 11/27/13

I know... it has been a while since I posted so I thought I would post an update with my glass of wine. Tonight's choice is a 2011 merlot-cab blend from Two Vines. Quite delicious. It has been cold here lately, and some colder weather is on tap next week. The weatherman has already issued … Continue reading Updates – 11/27/13