September 9th, 2018

Friday was a bit of a busy day. It was a day to get caught up on some paperwork and do some arranging, cleaning, shredding and make a trash run. I did the recycling last week so that was already out of the way. Saturday was jam-packed with some filing and more shredding and getting rid … Continue reading September 9th, 2018

Back in Port Townsend

Man it was warm out today and I spent it doing yard work all the live long day. It was a tiring day and rather humid. But now, I'm enjoying a quiet evening in my hotel room watching TV with the window open. Tomorrow's appointment is mid-day but I need to scoot as soon as … Continue reading Back in Port Townsend

May 13th, 2017

Decided to stay home this weekend and I am really trying to not make any trips anyplace. I stayed home today. Need some down time to get some things done - mainly getting the trailer "open for the season". I got the water system nuked with chlorine this afternoon so tomorrow I'll empty and flush the system … Continue reading May 13th, 2017