Back to the Peninsula

Had an emergency pop up with one of my hearing aids this past week so it was back to Port Townsend – but just long enough to drop it off for repairs. No Waterfront Pizza for me today, but I had burgers and fries on the mind once back on the Mainland…more on that soon.

I went to Sequim first, hoping to catch up with my good friend Dave. Both he and his wife are great friends and we have had some great times. I glad I got to see him. We got to chat for a bit and could have went on for a long time I am sure (we usually do), but I had to get to my appointment.

While over there it brought back many memories. I did get to see a few more old friends from the Refuge while we were at the kiosk. It was good to see them as well. I hope to get back soon and have more time. With my days off changing soon I am trying to squeeze in what I can on the few Saturday and Sunday “weekends” I have left.

It was such a beautiful day and I am glad it wasn’t raining. Had enough of that nonsense for a while. It was beautiful blue sky, sun, and perfect temperatures – a perfect day to be outside with friends. Wish I had not been so rushed but I needed to get groceries and get back home.

So back on the ferry after my appointment, the last one loaded on the boat, with just enough room:Barely got my truck on the boat!


It was great to be out in the sun on the water again. It has been a while and it was absolutely wonderful.

Yours Truly

On the ferry heading back home


Now it was time for that burger and fries. Actually it was four burgers and two fries. Hahaha! (They are not big orders of fries or big burgers.)

A Seattle Legend

Yep, my choice for best fries anywhere and a delicious, old-school thin-patty burger. For those of you in the Kansas City area, much like the old Griff’s Burger Bar. We had a Griff’s in Leavenworth while I was growing up and it was simple and good. They ALSO had a clown!

Anyhoo, those fries at Dick’s…man I like Five Guys’ fries but these are better than those by leaps and bounds. Just look at these things!

Best. Fries. In. The. World.

Best. Fries. In. The. World. Really. Yes.

Those are little straws of tasty perfection. I have eaten here several times since I try to stop when I am in the area. Fortunately that is not that often or I would probably be there way too much.

A few weeks ago I gave it a shot and made some pad Thai.

Pad Thai

My Very First Attempt at Pad Thai!

It actually came out pretty decent. Now I don’t need to spend $15 on a meal; I can make several meals’ worth for that price or less. Proud of my accomplishment!

Anyhoo, there’s a few new pics for you to look at and some new news to read.

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