Back in Port Townsend

Man it was warm out today and I spent it doing yard work all the live long day. It was a tiring day and rather humid.

But now, I’m enjoying a quiet evening in my hotel room watching TV with the window open. Tomorrow’s appointment is mid-day but I need to scoot as soon as it’s done. Gotta hit the grocery store on the way home and want to avoid the rush hour (which is a misnomer because it’s always rush-hour around Seattle). Maybe I’ll just hit Safeway here and I can drive straight back and hopefully enjoy the remainder of the day.

Driving here, I was listening to some music that I added to a playlist on my phone. The FM transmitter I got works great and I gave it a workout.

Have you ever been listening to a song and remember a certain occurrence in your life when that song was being played on the radio or your streaming service? Maybe something special happened in your life when “Smoke on the Water” came blasting out of your car stereo. Of course that’s for those of us who grew up with radio.

There are certain life events that come to mind when I hear certain songs that I grew up with and it still happens even into my adult years. I remember the song “No Time” by The Guess Who was hugely popular back when I was a kid. At the time a kid I went to school with got arrested for breaking into Lansing Lumber. We were only kids – 10 or 11.

One of the songs that came on my stereo today harkened back to one very special night under the stars at Red Rocks in Denver. It was the Goo Goo Dolls and it was a warm night and a great show under starry skies at a legendary venue. It was unforgettable in many ways and is the most special in all of the many concerts I have been to or worked. I’d sure like another experience like that.

Bands like the Goo Goo Dolls, Dishwalla, and Collective Soul are pretty similar bands. They all write some pretty catchy songs and sure seem to stay at it and make money. I like all three of these bands and you should give them a listen.

This is one that fell into that category of memories over the last year: Porcupine Tree- Half Light.

Damn. I have to close the window! The paper mill stinks and now my room smells. Smells bad too. That’s a bummer – I was looking forward to it being open all night.
Well, better think about sleep. Maybe you should too…after you read a few more of my posts!

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