May 13th, 2017

Decided to stay home this weekend and I am really trying to not make any trips anyplace. I stayed home today. Need some down time to get some things done – mainly getting the trailer “open for the season”.

I got the water system nuked with chlorine this afternoon so tomorrow I’ll empty and flush the system to get the disinfectant out of it then it will be ready to go for the most part. I have to get the propane topped off and do some organizing after I get it straightened back out so that will probably be tomorrow as well. On top of going out of town for work a few days late next week, I may have to go back to the Peninsula next weekend for an appointment as well. I am not sure if I am going to hotel it again or take the trailer – or I may just go for the day and save some $$ on hotels, trailering on the ferry, and dining out for three days. Gotta think about that I guess. Would be nice to get it out on it’s “maiden voyage” soon though!

So it’s all coming along. Work is really busy, and keeps getting busier and there is also  the unofficial “Beginning of Summer Holiday Weekend” approaching fast. My days off will soon change. June is shaping up to be very busy in many ways but we will have more people to help out and that will ease some of the strain.

That’s all for the moment…

If you can, hug yer mom tomorrow.



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