Back to Port Townsend

Today I had an appointment in Port Townsend – one of my favorite places for many reasons. I figured I would make the best of it so I have a room on the water and am heading back home in the morning to get off the road before the traffic thickens.

I got over here early in the day and took a leisurely lap around town. In short sleeves, I might add. It was a beautiful day with lots of sun and a few clouds but did cloud up in the afternoon and the wind has picked up. A slice of artichoke and sun-dried tomato pizza from Waterfront for lunch ended up being one of the best slices I have EVER had. Bold statement, I know, but man was it fantastic.

After my appointment I had halibut and fries at a “dive” restaurant called “SeaJ’s”. Not too bad and decent prices in a quirky place on the water.

It was a tough dinner choice with the variety of restaurants in this town. Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, pizza… there just are not enough meals in a day to get them all in.

I am really getting into the complexity of food and like the “ritual” of cooking, much like the “ritual” of making coffee. It’s just something that is fun to do and is quite satisfying. I also appreciate the process of how ingredients come together to become a dish greater than the sum of its parts. I want to learn how to make pad Thai and pho at home in the near future.

I watch those travel shows of Bourdain’s and he is a foodie but not a nerdy geek about it. That’s what I feel I am. I watched that pizza episode of Emeril’s latest series and it was amazing. Everything in the pizza was sourced local and this has been called “The World’s Best Pizza”. By the look on Emeril’s face when he took one chew of it you could tell it was special. That’s what I want to eat. I don’t want fancy. I want delicious, no… I want a food experience.


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