Nice Weather to Get Things Done – Yesterday and Today; Trailer; Truck; Health

A really nice day yesterday with the temperatures around 68°F. It was a nice day to be outside doing some things so I took advantage of it.

I had to wait a bit for it to warm up a little; I’m not giving up wearing shorts just yet (unless I need long pants for protection from weeds and bugs while mowing). I didn’t wait very long as I wanted to get some things done.

I decided I would put together my new pellet smoker/grill. I backed the truck out of the garage and started unboxing the smoker. I got it all put together and ended up with so much cardboard it literally filled up the back seat of my truck with the seats folded down. I was surprised how much there was.

After loading up all the cardboard from the smoker I finally pulled the generator out of the box after having it for three years. I can’t fire it up yet because I need to pick up some oil for it.

Next thing I did was load up trash from the driveway to take to the dump. It’s made a huge difference but I will need a few more trips to get rid of the rest outside. Then, of course there’s more in the basement to haul out. It’s all been taken to recycling and the transfer station this morning.


Today was another nice day so the dogs and I spent a lot of it outside again. I hauled off the pile of cardboard to recycle and the load for the dump went there. While I was out I got some pellets so I fired up the smoker to burn all of the oils off that they coat it with to keep rust from forming during shipping. I cooked up a couple of salmon burgers after “seasoning” it. Now I’m ready to my luck and smoke something. Actually, I’m always ready to smoke something.😬

A late lunch at the bistro table- salmon burgers (the dogs split half of one), 4-cheese mac, and a near-pint of Guinness 0


I’ve been thinking about the ritual of packing and unpacking stuff in the trailer. More specifically, the food aspect of things. I pack my clothes, meds, toiletries and food from the house and put in the trailer to pack up for trips. When I get back I have to unpack it all and take it back in the house.

Things like clothes, meds and some toiletries I cannot really leave in the trailer since I use that stuff daily. Perishables like anything frozen or refrigerated or fresh vegetables and fruits obviously cannot be left either. Otherwise I leave as much in there as possible to minimize packing & unpacking. I will add a few other things in there like toothpaste pellets, floss, deodorant and comb. When I buy this stuff I usually stock up a little so I always have extras. I can use spare items for trailer use.

What I’m now thinking of doing is loading fewer groceries up when I leave, taking just a few frozen meals worth to get me started and hitting the local market when I get somewhere. I will only get what I need and can eat while out. That way I won’t have to unload as much when I get back from a trip.

That’s a hard habit to break because you think you’re not spending money by taking stuff from home, but unless you shoplifted you paid for it too. Plus, the ease of taking prepped meals is a pretty nice luxury to have.

IF you can use your microwave, that is. Otherwise it’s not impossible but a bit more involved.

I’m calling tomorrow to get a service appointment set up for the trailer to handle the small leak in the storage door and get the cabinet doors tightened up. That should all be covered under warranty. I also need to pick their brains about a few systems I need clarification on, like the solar and the RV antifreeze hookup. I’m hoping they can do it fairly soon so I can get it out of the way.


I gotta get the truck in for an oil change and get a leak checked. I can possibly get that done tomorrow but that’s another phone call I need to make in the morning.


My cholesterol injections seem to be working very well. In three treatments – one every 14 days – my cholesterol has dropped 60%! That is amazing and I’m pretty happy about it. I’m sure the cardiologist will be too.


That’s all for now. Thanks for reading my blog.


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