Today’s Prompt – October 10th, 2023

Who are your favorite artists?

Well, if you mean painters, I have a few.

Edward Hopper first got my attention with his painting “Nighthawks“. I don’t know why but that painting really speaks to me.

I remember one winter night in early 2018 I was eating in my neighboring Chinese restaurant that I lived above. It was a dark night and there were only a few of us in the restaurant and we were spread across the restaurant, everyone minding their own business while eating. That painting immediately sprung into my mind. It felt as though I was inside that diner in the painting.

That has always stuck with me.

VanGogh‘s “The Starry Night” is cool, as is Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory”. M. C. Escher also had some interesting works.

And this list would never be complete without Bob Ross. His many paintings of my beloved mountains and forests were just so comfortable to me.

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