Got THAT Done Finally; Clean-up; Trailer and Truck; Health

I had to run to town and while I was there I got a quart of oil for the generator. While looking at the manual (yes, I wanted to do it right…) I discovered it actually has a battery for the electric start. This I did not know and I figured the battery was probably expired. I got the battery hooked up and crossed my fingers.

I then got the oil put in the generator and put the cover back on. I didn’t want to put gas in the tank, so I thought this was a good time to try it out on propane. I can also see how it hooks up and works.

I got the tank hooked up with the hose and into the generator. I hit the start button and it really still had a pretty full charge even after sitting new in the box for a few years. It started pretty quickly and runs so much quieter than my previous one. And, a huge plus – I can use the same external propane outlet for it as the griddle!

This will be so nice since I can use the propane and not have to haul a can of liquid fuel around, With two propane tanks onboard I have a decent amount of fuel for everything. If anything, I’d haul an extra propane tank or two and that would give me a lot of time off-grid between that and the solar.


After finally checking that task off my list, I was feeling a burst of energy so I consolidated the little bit of garbage left out front into one pile and moved the old couch over so everything is staged to go away to the transfer station. I got some crumbs from the woodpile moved and put it in a burn pile.

I’m trying to take it easy for now since my shoulder and hand are still sore. I start to feel like I can use them and start doing stuff outside and it just aggravates my parts again. I still want to get stuff done that needs done.


I got an appointment made for the warranty work on the trailer. Unfortunately it is not until mid-November and the timing is interfering with something else I need to do. But, I have to get it taken care of. I guess the advantage is I’ll have it out camping again and if anything else happens there’s time for it to show up before that appointment.

I discovered today that my truck has a small coolant leak so I definitely gotta get that fixed before I go out on another trip. It’s not worth taking a chance, especially when towing a trailer.


I got this year’s flu shot last week and am waiting for the RSV and the ‘rona booster to become available. Cases are increasing so I’m back to masking in big stores and crowded places. I really try hard to stay healthy and I don’t need those complications.


That’s it for now. See you next time!


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