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I haven’t gotten any word back on the trailer yet. I really figured I would know today but now I think probably tomorrow. They tend to move fast to get these claims done.

I’m ready to get out but this trailer damage thing is kinda holding me back a bit. I actually stumbled across a website that talked about some local stuff and it sounded interesting. I built a trip in an app I have and it routes it in order so you are backtracking as little as possible while doing a loop trip. More on that soon!

Granted, I could do a hotel for a few nights but it’s tough with dogs and gets expensive fast. Easiest dog travel is camping/RVing, where you could hopefully boondock or find a campground with lots of space between.

It’s too hot to leave them in the truck so that makes it hard to do much in summer. I’ve gotten to where I don’t let the dogs in the trailer because of the dander and hair. The inside of an RV gets dirty enough without pets. Plus there’s the allergy thing. There may be some exceptions when it’s really hot, but otherwise no pets.


I got about another third of the yard mowed and even mowed out a little extra for more usable space to reclaim the area from the Wildlife Habitat. The air quality started to suck and it was getting hot so I had to stop. I got a good portion done today but tomorrow is an air advisory so I may have to wait an extra day or two to finish it.

But, I CAN get out with the electric trimmer and put a hurting on it early in the morning. That way I can still get it done but won’t be firing up the mower. I’m trying to get it all taken care of before the rain hits in the next few days but I also want to be conscious of the environment. The trimmer can make quick work of the thick grass that has not been cut yet – much faster than the trusty $25 Mower!

The stubborn brushy weeds are withering from getting sprayed yesterday so that’s good to see. I try to keep poison ivy far away from living areas. I found another huge patch today so I used up what spray was left and got all that area treated. I also treated another sitting area with grasses killer so I can reclaim that as a place to hang out.

There is an arbor my dad built there in that spot but it has fallen into disrepair. My plan is to try and reconstruct it at some point but I have a lot of more important things to take care of. There’s a nice sitting area there that easy access for anyone with walking issues.

I also have a patio set I need to put someplace. It is metal & glass and was a rescue from the curb last year. I have a concrete set as well but it’s probably staying put; that thing’s heavy!


For dinner outside on the porch I made up a delicious pasta. Some papperdell egg noodles – something I have not had before – finished off in a good pasta sauce with peppers & onions added as well as a few plant-based meatballs. Quite delicious and filling but very healthy too. I used a half portion of the meatballs and it was plenty while cutting back on a few things I watch.

Incredibly simple…incredibly delicious, and nice to look at

I forgot I have the pasta roller so I bought more pasta at the store last month. I’ve gotta stop doing that and start making my own pasta at home. I’ll have to make sure I have the few ingredients needed but I think I already do.

I need to get to the store after I peruse a few recipes I haven’t tried yet. I bought some rice noodles at an Asian grocery store so along with some pizza in the Ooni, I’m thinking it’s about time for some stir fry.

The New York-style deli I went to a few months back – Cafe 5ive – is no longer in business. What a shame. I thought the chopped cheese was good and they were friendly enough, but not a good location. Hopefully they can make another go of it.

That’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll have an update on the trailer tomorrow. See you then.


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