Puppies? Oh, We Got Puppies!; Father’s Day; Trailer; Getting Outdoor Stuff Done

If you’re looking to for a high-quality registered Aussie puppy, check out Saddle Peak Aussies for more information & details and to look at some pictures. It’s where my two came from and they are great companions.


A belated Happy Father’s Day to all of us lucky enough to be a dad! I miss my dad and think about him all the time.

I went with my daughter Angie to a Salvadoran restaurant for her first taste of pupusas. We walked in and it was really busy; apparently we struck food gold! Crowded restaurants are usually a really good food sign in dive-type joints. It will hold quite a few people and there were only two tables open to sit at. As soon as we sat down not but a few minutes later the table next to us was taken. It was constantly full.

The food was put in a decent amount of time considering how busy it was. I was impressed. We ordered two pupusas to share; one was chicken & cheese and it was delicious. The other was loroco & cheese.

I posted about loroco a month or so ago at the other Salvadoran place but got to try it this time. It’s a plant and it has an interesting flavor – kinda artichoky and nutty. I found the first few bites odd-tasting, but the more I ate the more I liked. I don’t know if I’d order it again though. We tried the three different sauces on the pupusas and found the tomatillo sauce to be our favorite.

I ordered a lengua (tongue) taco and an al pastor (pork). Angie got a couple of tacos as well – I think a chicken and a shredded beef. All the tacos were street-style with small grilled double tortillas and topped with cilantro and diced white onion. Simple and so delicious. They do have this slaw-style topping that had a little spice but was delicious on the tacos. Funny, last time I had Salvadoran food that came and I thought it was a salad so I ate it out of the bowl! 😬 It just MAY be a salad…it’s delicious whatever it is!

I saw a drink in an old-school juice machine that I had minutes what it was. It was dark purple and I just had to know. I consulted The Oracle and found this magical elixir, called mora, was blackberry juice, water and sugar blended together. Probably better have one. Blackberries are my most favorite fruit of all and this stuff was awesome.

Hahaha…Angie even got a mora for the road! We were talking about it and decided it would make a great mixer. Of course we did.

It was an excellent meal and a couple of tacos and a pupusa is a good meal for one moderate appetite; we didn’t gorge but I was full for hours. The place was packed with people who were happy to be there eating good food with family.


No news on the trailer so I made phone calls and shook things up yesterday. I have not heard any updates since I dropped the trailer off a week ago. Customer service sucks in this country anymore.


Hot all week, and it’s the 2nd day in a row with air quality warnings. You can see the air at 10:20 this morning. I got out early to beat the heat and moved what was left of the firewood pile farther from the house and did a bit of stacking. I organized somewhat – some just needs split and the rest needs cut to length and split.

I also drove back to check the back part of the property out. The pond is full but the grass & weeds are chest-deep. I gotta talk to the neighbor soon about cutting it for me.

Unfortunately it rained over the weekend so the damn grass will just keep on growing. We should be getting into the dry season soon so that will stop it for a while.

That’s it for now. I’m enjoying outside while I can! Thanks for checking out my blog.


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