I’ll Know Soon; Decent Weather and Yard Work; Food

I took the trailer in for the estimate today. I’m starting to realize that it might get totaled. I was actually able to get a better look at the damage to it a few days ago. The roof is beat up pretty badly with dents & missing paint everywhere. It will be a whole new roof and all new vents and lights on top.

That’s going to get expensive fast because of the sheet metal work/labor. The entire front has to be peeled off up to the roof…then the roof and probably down the back. That’s a lot of labor. RV parts are fairly generic so even though they have not made these trailers for 10+ years it looks like comparable parts are still available.

It is a 2008 so its got 15 years and I have put many miles on it with my adventures since 2012. It’s not in excellent/like new condition but it’s still in pretty decent shape. Between the age, condition and the damage I think there’s possibly a chance it’s a loss.

However, I could be surprised and it may get fixed. After talking with my insurance claims people I thought it’s 50/50, but after I talked to the service lady she mentioned peeling the front off and having to remove the front window. I’m now thinking 90% chance it’s a total loss.

Insurance says they said they should know within a few hours after their virtual inspection if it’s a loss or they will fix it. That means they should be fairly quick on getting it settled. I’m going to try and stay positive about the situation but there is still the possibility.

With the sentimental attachment to my trailer it would suck if it got totaled so I’m trying to prepare for that. But whatever happens happens.

I guess I’ll know in a few days. It could even happen tomorrow.


It’s been decent weather the last few days. After I got the trailer dropped off I stopped and picked up some grass killer and some poison ivy killer. I set out doing the brush/poison ivy killer first (to give it longer to work) then sprayed the grass in the driveway. I don’t like using this stuff but I do have a reason for doing it.

After that I did a little mowing until I started coughing too much. I’m saving the wetter areas until tomorrow to hopefully dry out a little more, cutting back on ruts in the mud and hopefully some of the mold spores flying around.


I did some breakfast sandwiches with a single paper-thin slice of fried prosciutto. The result with just one slice was delicious and surprisingly had a lot of flavor with very little total sodium or fat. Give it a try using a croissant. You’re welcome.

Probably going to fire up the Ooni and cook a pizza this week. It sounds really good and a nice change. I’ll pick up some pizza crust in the next few days and make up a prosciutto, pineapple, mozzarella pizza. That will be really good.

That’s it for tonight. I’m off to bed. Thank you for reading this post.


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