Spring Weather; Treasure Hunting; Kitchen

The weather has been pretty nice lately. The trees are in bloom and budding/leafing out, the grass is going crazy, the days are pleasant and evenings still cool. The Earth is coming alive once again.

I took advantage of the nice weather yesterday and got out to mow a little grass. I dropped it down low and gave it a buzz cut. I’m still trying not to exert my knee too much but I got a good size area cut with the mower today. I just mow as much as I feel my knee is comfortable with for now. Was very nice to get some exercise, though. I’m going to hopefully get it cut by Thursday.

It was nice out today and I got to do some grilling.


I diced up some potatoes and tossed them in olive oil, rosemary, and garlic, wrapped it all up in some foil. As those cooked on the grill I tossed on an Impossible burger. Went old school with a toasted slice of whole grain bread, cut in half to watch the carbs a bit. Topped with Colman’s mustard, Ballymaloe relish, lettuce, minced onion, a slice of Kraft Deluxe American. Plus the usual glass of red. A very delicious and somewhat healthy meal.


This morning I had to run an errand so I hit the local Goodwill while out to see if there was anything good. I was not disappointed at all. I came away with a nice set of ceramic coated aluminum pots & pans with glass lids that are capable of induction cooking! I guess there’s a steel insert on the bottom to do that. They look like they’ve never been used. They are smaller pans so they will save more space. Those are going in the trailer to replace the ones in there. Easy maintenance, safe ceramic nonstick makes camping a bit easier for cleanup but I do have some cast iron in case I want to cook something on a fire.

Also for the trailer galley I got a like-new 4.5 cup plastic measuring cup for liquids. Unbreakable is good for the trailer. Then, I picked up two brand new travel liners for sleeping bags or hotel beds. They are soft very high thread count cotton so they are very comfortable and easy to wash. They add about 8 degrees extra warmth plus keeps your bedding clean while camping. I guess on a hot day you could just sleep in one. Those will be for any traveling; I can use in the trailer or pack one in my travel backpack.

Plus, for the kitchen I got a brand new, still-in-the-box pasta machine that weighs a ton. I have the stuff to make pasta in the cupboard so that just may be happening soon!

I will be getting rid of a couple of things from my kitchen after bringing home the pasta machine. I’m trying to thin out a few things but I’m pretty much using everything I have frequently.

One thing I usually do when finding treasure is I look up reviews on my phone. There’s no sense in buying something that is junk no matter how cheap you can get it. I usually do okay but you have to check a couple of websites and weigh the reviews.


I’m thinking about pulling the microwave out of the trailer and swapping it for the one in the house. The one I bought as a replacement for the original one in the trailer has a convection oven built into it. I have never used it for convection cooking because I was worried about the heat. Silly me for not wanting to catch my trailer on fire. The one in the house is smaller so I could also gain a little storage space. Something to think about…

That’s it for now. Until next time…


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