A Day in the City

I decided I needed to go to the city today. I needed to get a few things but the main thing was getting my hearing aids finally fixed (fingers crossed).

Target was on the list first to grab a few things. After that was Costco for my hearing aids to get looked at. Might as well get a few things here too!

So, I walked up to the hearing aid center counter and the guy behind the counter I have talked with before. He is a bigger guy – not huge – but “big-boned”. Well, today he had on one of the best shirts I have ever seen on a person. It was perfect.

Good grief! Charlie Brown is middle-aged!

I immediately got the joke and cracked up. I told him that is an awesome shirt. He said he found it online and it took two weeks to get it shipped from overseas. Well worth the wait for the laughs I say!

(If you’re younger you probably won’t get the joke. Look up “Peanuts” comic strips and the character Charlie Brown.)

After Costco it was down the road to IKEA. There were a couple of things for the trailer I wanted to get there, plus look around a bit. I ended up walking out of there with a thinner wallet, spending much more than I had planned. But, it was only because the other things I bought were on sale for a serious savings.

When I walked in the building there was a sale display of the bistro chairs I bought along with the matching table. I bought the chairs only since I already had a bistro table. I went into the warehouse area and checked to see how many were in stock. Well, what do you know…I discovered a different color was also available!

But wait…that’s not all!

Then, as I went on into the store to find the kitchen and storage areas, I saw a bistro table that matched the chairs I already bought but it was a little bit bigger – maybe twice the size (and the small ones are small).

I went on in and did got what I needed to get, then on the way out I grabbed two chairs with the new color and one of the bigger tables. But I saved a ton of cash since they were on sale…and I had no idea! The chairs were $10 off and the table was $20 off.

Old chairs
New chairs

This bistro table is white metal with light brown legs (I’m giung to paint them to with the light green on the new chairs), whereas the other table I bought is dark brown wood slats just like the chairs in the top picture. Everything matches now and it looks nicer. The white set in the bottom picture is going to go out on the front porch for wine and coffee on the veranda. I will pick up some new placemats that actually match, and the red ones will go back in the trailer. The brown set with the bigger table will replace the round one in the breakfast nook. . It will be nice having a little bigger table for bigger meals.

After that score it was time to eat. On today’s menu was Salvadoran cuisine. I stopped at El Rinconcito Salvadoreños de Kansas City. And it was very good.

So good

I ordered three pupusas – one queso, one pollo y queso, and one chicharron y queso. Pupusas are made from a corn dough that is rolled out and filled with different fillings, and this place offered about a dozen different fillings. They are then fried and end up with a crispy crust but soft inside.

They may not look too intimidating in the picture, but I shoulda only ordered two. The first one I ate was the plain queso and it was a real gut bomb. Add the salad on the left side of the picture (that had jalapeño slices in it) plus two different sauces and I was full. Granted I don’t eat as much as I used to so I do get full quicker, but I am also not used to eating this kind of food and the richness hit me hard.

All three had fantastic flavor and a soft, wonderful texture. It’s hard to describe them but I have seen them described as “griddle cakes”. Best thing to do? Go find a place that sells them and give pupusas a try!

After that it was back home to get the knee elevated after hobbling all over today. But first I had to find my back-up hearing aids since they kept mine to send in. I started looking for my hearing aids and escalated my usage of four-lettered words as everywhere I thought they might be came up empty.

Then…a break in the case. I found the case and opened it up. No hearing aids. So, since I had been looking for this particular case, I had to go back and search everywhere again, not knowing what they were in. This time I thought about it and I had them in when I got my regular ones back from repair the last time. I felt they might actually be in the truck so I opened up the console and there they were in a little soft pouch for travel. That was a close one; two weeks of saying “huh?” And not hearing very well wasn’t appealing and would have been a real issue.

It has been a busy but productive day. Plus I got out of the house for a while.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.


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