Ugh…It’s Been a Long Day So Far, Errands, Mmmm, Zzzzz

As anticipated, it was a sleepless night last night. I was so rudely awakened by a weather alarm at 2:50 this morning. I got it turned off after making sure it wasn’t my turn in the barrel, then 10 minutes later it happened again. I could not go back to sleep so I dragged my ass out of bed and kept an eye on the weather.

Hail was hitting the side of the house (metal siding) and it made a bunch of noise. I got a third warning and they said just SW of here ping pong ball-sized hail was reported. That’s when I started to get concerned about the trailer. We never got that hail but what we got was about marble-sized.

After the sun came up I took a quick look and it seemed to have made it okay. I can’t carry a ladder yet so I sure can’t get on one to inspect it closer up top. I’ll get up there when I can but I think it’s probably okay.


I made a Costco run today to get a few things and get my hearing aids tuned up. While driving I saw some storm damage and lots of standing water from yesterday’s storms. Leaves and tree buds & flowers were all over the porch and driveway and all over the roads and streets in town. We had some pretty good winds blowing. I’ve been through a tornado while up under a bridge and don’t care to do it again – that’s why I couldn’t go back to sleep.


After I got back it was time for some “lunch” – or whatever it’s called when it’s noon and you’ve already been awake for nine hours. I decided to make up some toasted ravioli in the air fryer with some warm pasta sauce for dipping. Very delicious and a small splurge.

Ravioli…St. Louis-style

Like many others, I’ve added a few extra pounds over the winter due to inactivity, but in the last week I’ve returned five of them to sender. It’s helped I’ve cut out a few more things from my diet.

The Mediterranean diet is mainly foods that are minimally processed and as close to the original as possible. Even something that should be pretty simple like frozen potatoes are full of garbage. I like to have a few fries every now and then and I have bought frozen ones…but no more. I started looking at labels more thoroughly and am cutting more processed stuff out. I will still have my splurges every so often but I’ve been doing good overall.

Previous health issues play a big part in my life in many ways on a daily basis and will forever. I just need a little more fine tuning on my diet and I’ve already started. Willpower is the biggest obstacle with any changes.


After that delicious lunch I kicked my sore leg up to elevate it and took a very rare nap. I needed it. Then I took another one. Looks like no severe weather for the next week so I can get rested up.

Thanks for checking out this post. See you next time.


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